Derbyshire Festival of Business 22/23 Launch video transcript

Angela Tooley: Welcome to the Enterprise Centre which is the home of business at the University. There's a place that we utilize by many of our fletching student and graduate businesses as well as Derbyshire's SME community. It's fitting that we launch our second annual Festival of Business here by celebrating the region's Top 200 businesses.

Professor Warren Manning: This event is a celebration of the strength and success of businesses in Derby and Derbyshire. Working with businesses, we are helping to position the city here in Derby, the wider region, Derbyshire and across D2N2, as a place internationally to do business as well as a place to study, to live or to work. 

Built on the success, and it was a success of last year's Festival, the aim is to support businesses as they continue to recover from the impacts of the pandemic. Together we can look forward to continued success in our region and beyond. 

Scott Knowles: And we know that there are challenges ahead, around things like engine, supply and its cost. But actually, you still hear the good stories every day and that's a testament to everyone's resilience and their creativity in this room and beyond. 

Andrea Ward: We've started the conversation around what that curriculum looks like. Are we providing those employable students that you need to grow your business? Are they coming to you with the right skills and the right experience? So it becomes a bit of a cycle of what we can work with you now. We can help our students build that skill that then delivers the right type of person that you need to move forward.

Alan Weir: Derby itself is a city under transformation I often speak to our graduates in terms of what they find about their city and they really enjoy what the city has to offer.

It's distinguished by its national reputation as a major city driven by the manufacturing and engineering of some of the world's most popular manufacturing companies based here, of course, our own Toyota, but also of course Rolls-Royce and Alstom.

Angela Tooley: I would just like to thank you for attending today, for continuing to support the University. Thank you.

Derbyshire Festival of Business 22/23 Launch video

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