Top 200 business in Derbyshire 2022: Trends and Growth Sectors video transcript

Dr Nicola Lynch, Head of Derby Business School:
"Colleagues of mine from Derby business school have worked extremely hard again in pulling together the list of the top 200 businesses in the Derbyshire region. The results show the vast diversity of industry in the region and its growth over the last year.
This is very much in line with recent a report published by Irwin Mitchell's UK Powerhouse, which states that Derby is forecast to create thousands of jobs and have the fastest growing economy of any city in the East Midlands by the end of 2023. And, this is really great news for our city and our county and shows just how dynamic industry is in the region.

In reviewing the top 200 results we can identify some of the biggest growth sectors in Derbyshire, and these include for example:
Just some examples of some of those companies if I can pick them from the list: in terms of de-carbonisation and clean growth tech, some of those companies listed include Rolls Royce, Vaillant's heat pumps, Pektron Group's technology for electric cars,
Liniar's sustainable UPVC products and Zero Waste Factory. The list also goes on to include a number of engineering companies.
In terms of digital including AI and Fintech, it's not just about companies who specialise in digital products and services but also other companies who are diversifying their offering towards digital. So, for example, companies like Belcan International and other companies on the list, including Node4, Software AG and Evolution Funding Group.
And finally, in terms of the service sector, companies such as Pattonair in Derby (now part of Incora), GI recruitment in Chesterfield and Quest Global Engineering in Derby have all performed extremely well.
This is just a brief snapshot of the key sectors and a sample of the companies who have performed well over the past 12 months.
You can find the full details in the top 200 listing that we've published.

Top 200 business in Derbyshire 2022: Trends and Growth Sectors video

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