Made in Derby

We are proud of our alumni and, as the University of Derby prepares to celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2022, we want to reconnect with as many of our alumni and hear about your life after leaving university.

How were you Made In Derby? We want to hear from you

How did your time at the University of Derby help to make you who you are today?

Share your memories – we’d love to hear from you if you were #MadeInDerby.

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Be a #MadeInDerby Champion

Reminisce and share your memories of life at Derby, tell us how the University helped to make you who you are today:

Volunteer and inspire students

Alumni hold a vast amount of understanding, exposure to real-world experiences and expertise that could help provide useful resources for current students and the University. We’d love you to get involved and contribute to the life of our students and your University.

Getting involved with our activities is a rewarding way you can give back. It can also support you on your own career path. Share your career journey story to inspire current and prospective students:


Now you're back in touch with us, Stay Connected - the door is always open and we’re here to support your lifelong professional development wherever you are in the world and help you to access new connections and networks.