Mihai Ghinescu, Business Management and Law, 2012

What are you doing now?

After graduating in September 2012 I moved back to Romania where I started a very long process of employment at Nestle Romania. After passing several tests I have been selected for a Sales Summer Internship at Nestle Ice Cream Romania. I completed the internship with good results and I have been selected for a job interview for the Project Coordinator position. I am very proud that I completed all the tasks with success and I took the job!

What were the main reasons you took Joint Honours Business Management and Law?

I considered that is a very good combination of subjects. A future top management leader needs to have certain amount of law knowledge.

Why did you choose to study the course at Derby?

It was one of the few Universities in UK to offer the JH Business Management and Law course.

How would you sum up the experience of studying this course through Derby University?

A very nice journey! Derby is the perfect place to start as an International student in UK, offering you the chance of high quality education and good preparation for the next level of post graduate studies.

How did you find the lecturers and the support they gave you?

Excellent lectures, especially in the Law Faculty!

How do you feel Derby has helped you in your career so far?

I was involved into the SU (elected 2 years in a row International Student Officer) and I completed the University of Derby Award in 2012. Both of this experiences were a major factors in my personal development and as well employers were very impressed and put a lot of accent on these experiences.

What are your future plans?

My plans for the moment are to continue my contract at Nestle and hopefully in January 2015 to move in the United Kingdom at one of the Nestle Branches. I am also considering moving back to Derby in the close future, maybe Nestle Waters Factory in Buxton or even becoming a lecturer at the University of Derby!

What would you say to anyone thinking for coming to study this course at Derby?

Do it without questioning it twice! As I said Derby is a perfect place to start as an international. You have the chance to receive a high quality education and apply for a PHD at a top University afterwards. I would also advise students to get involved in the UDSU and NUS and try to leave a legacy behind you for the future International Students!