Honorary award nominations

Each year the University confers a small number of honorary awards upon people of distinction. These awards are normally conferred at the Awards Ceremony held in Derby or Buxton but occasionally, where appropriate, the awards may be conferred at one of the University's ceremonies held overseas.

In order to recommend that an honorary award be conferred, the Honorary Awards Panel seeks to be assured that the nominee satisfies at least one of the following criteria:

  1. The nominee is a local person who has made an outstanding contribution to their profession, to industry or to the community to the benefit of the people of Derbyshire.
  2. The nominee is a national or international figure who has come to prominence through their outstanding contribution to their profession or to industry. The person was born in Derbyshire or lived in Derbyshire or promotes values and activities with which the University of Derby wishes to identify.
  3. The nominee (only employees of the University are considered in exceptional circumstance) has made an outstanding contribution to the growth and development of the University (in Derby or overseas).

Persons in the first category will normally be considered for an honorary masters award or the first level doctorate.

Persons in the second category are normally considered for an honorary higher doctorate.

Persons in the third category are normally considered for an Honorary Degree.

It is very important that the nominee does not know that they have been nominated because the proposals are scrutinised and evaluated carefully and not all suggestions are acted upon.

Please note the person nominated should not be a member of your own family.


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