Therapeutic Arts tour video transcript


Brittania Mill

A group of smiling students wave goodbye to eachother, before one student walks towards the Britannia Mill building.

Therapeutic Arts

Harness the arts in therapeutic ways to improve people's physical and emotional wellbeing.

[Students standing around a student playing the piano]

[Student playing the guitar]

[A room of students playing various musical instruments]

Therapeutic Arts cover a wide range of disciplines so you can choose one that matches your interest.

[Students painting on a wall]

[A student working on a pottery wheel]

Gain practical experience through work placements with our partner organisations.

[Students take part in a workshop]

Learn to use creatuve arts, dance, drama and music in therapeutic ways to improve lives.

[Students take part in a dance activity]


Student life

A student is texting as they walk down a path next to a canal.

Text messages:

Students meet up in a communal living kitchen in a hall of residence. They play cards at a table.

They play pool in a common room.

Therapeutic Arts tour video

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