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Explore the reasons you should study Theatre and Performance with the University of Derby and Derby Theatre. During this video, our course tutors and current students will explain why studying for your degree in a working theatre is the best way to gain academic knowledge and industry experience. 

Hello, my name's Sarah Brigham. I'm the artistic director of Derby Theatre which is a professional venue in the city of Derby. So, you're thinking about studying at the University of Derby and I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you about all the unique ways you can work with us in the industry in addition to and to complement your course if you choose to come to Derby.

Hello my name's Andy and I'm the technical manager for Derby Theatre. When you start your experience with the University of Derby you can access the Theatre all year round. We work on several productions in the main house over the course of the year, and you're able to access every element of that.

The team here really friendly, we're always willing to help you and you can get as much as you want out of that process and we will support you every step of the way. You'll have access to a unique work experience opportunity with numerous departments; marketing, business and development, learning, the professional creative team, programming, etc. You'll get experience of working with in a real working environment on live productions, events, and projects.

Even when I'm trying to create my work be this the University or outside which will always push to try make it's your speaking people there going oh why don't you try this help the whole time it's those contacts the whole way it's the help and that approach ability that you know they're all just either sat there in the office ready or they're on the end of an email ready to just sit down have a coffee with you.

You will have the opportunity to sit in the professional rehearsal room watching the Director the Deputy Stage Manager and the actors. That's obviously got you practical in working environment here, you got all the professional staff and professional space, you've got companies coming in and out you meet loads of new people it's sort of like working an apprenticeship you sort of like you work in a job even in your second and third year you can get an actual job working here whilst you're learning.

You could become one of our student ambassadors having the opportunity to work on marketing campaigns and review and blog about our shows.

So personally I'm a student ambassador for the theatre and this has opened up so many doors and I've made so many connections. I also get £5 tickets which once coming to uni I was so interested in mainstream productions that now I really appreciate studio work.

You'll get the opportunity to work on our Departure Lounge Festival, a unique festival which brings the best contemporary theatre practice from around the UK, and beyond, to Derby.

At Derby Theatre we have a whole series of masterclasses. You can access these with your special student tickets and work with the leading practitioners from across the UK.

We got to work with the marketing team and I feel really kind of ecstatic about this because we get to work with real professionals within the industry and they know what they're talking about and teaching us what they know is just brilliant.

The opportunities you get at Derby Theatre and the University of Derby are unique. The opportunities we present to you are invaluable in taking your first step into theatre.

So, as you can see in addition to the great course which you already know about, if you choose Derby you'll get a direct link into the professional industry. I'm really looking forward to working with you.

Study at Derby Theatre video

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