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Sociology is about confronting many of the issues that we have in complex societies, many of the tensions that we feel, exist in society. There is a whole series of ideas and
concepts that we have in sociology,that's important that we communicate to students. And, one for the most important things, I think, for students to realise is that sociology is a living subject. It is deeply connected to the worldthat they are part of and it helps to articulate and to situate them in relation to that world.

I think my favourite thing about studying Sociology, would just be, being able to examine society as I exist through it, so, kind of, being able to see the different patterns from historical events, as they filter through to modern day.

My passion for teaching is watching, really, the process that I went through as an undergraduate, is watching people have their perspectives changed, have their worlds expanded and have, a way of articulating answers to questions about the world, and giving them a language, in which they are able to begin to answer those questions, and how they can use that knowledge as a means of engaging with the world and making a difference in the world.

It's just really nice to have, sort of, a personal thing, really take in the information, and really feel like I'm learning, because it feels like a really open conversation, where I can be heard and discuss and actually say any of my questions or queries, or get confirmation on anything I want, and not feel like I'm about to talk over 200 people, because I'm the only one with this query.

We were talking about the difficulties of remembering contested and complex histories. The trip here today has been, I think, absolutely concrete proof of just how complex that can be.

It's not a question of me being the only Sociologist in the room, that everybody in the room is a Sociologist. And so, what I want them to get from the learning experience, is that understanding and that confidence that they are Sociologists, and they can use that knowledge to do something with their lives and with the world around them and in the world around them.

Whatever context a Sociologist finds themselves in, they are always going to be able to see how and why those systems of interaction between groups of people are and are not working, and be able to make recommendations about how to improve those short comings, in a way that is meaningful and inclusive.

Sociology video

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