Policing - your questions answered video transcript

Hi my name is Katherine Hewitt. I'm a Lecturer in Policing here at The University of Derby.

In our portfolio here at Derby, we have two courses that we offer in policing. The first of which is the Honours degree in Professional Policing. This is licensed and accredited

by the College of Policing. So this means that when our students graduate they are eligible to join the police, once they finish the programme. The other programme that we offer is in Policing and Investigations. This is for students who are interested in investigations and think that they might want to join the police as a police staff investigator

or potentially go into a role of a civilian investigator.

One of the key selling points of the programmes that we have here at Derby is that we have incredible facilities. Not only do students learn in our classrooms, we also have the custody facilities where our students can practice the skills that they are learning in the classroom. Our interview rooms have live feeds back to the classroom. This means that we can use them for conducting suspect interviews that can then be viewed in live time by other people in the class.

And we also have the courtroom where we can use it for role plays for court scenarios. We have exercises in stop and search where the students engage in searches of each other to learn about best practice and good technique.

We have a large team of teaching staff here from a variety of backgrounds. We have staff who are former police officers and we also have staff from academic backgrounds.

This means that we can give our students a wide range of experience and knowledge to help them develop their skills to become police officers or potentially investigators.

We work really closely with both Derbyshire Constabulary and Nottinghamshire Police to encourage our students to potentially volunteer with the forces as special constables or as police support volunteers. We also work closely with these forces to provide us with the current and up-to-date knowledge of what is going on in our local forces to

make sure that our students are getting the most recent information applied to the local area.

Within our programmes we try to include field trips that the students may benefit from seeing things outside of the classroom environment. We try to give students exposure to events that they may deal with when they join the police. To make sure that in this safe learning environment they become comfortable with these situations. We also have speakers from international crime agencies that come to speak to us at the university.

Its really important to us that students have the best experience of our degrees that they can have. The team here are all really approachable and we regularly take feedback from students to try and improve the content that we deliver and ensure that students not only enjoy the experience that they go through but they are fully equipped

to go into the workplace and be efficient investigators.

Policing - your questions answered video

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