Policing at the University of Derby video transcript


My name is Molly Teasdale. I study policing at the University of Derby. I'm in my third and final year now. I came here and within the first five minutes I instantly knew this was the place that I wanted to be in.

So, within the University, on site, we have our own facilities. These facilities are brand new and they're absolutely fantastic. Where I'm standing right now is in our very own custody suite. If we're covering something in a lecture and somebody says something that might spark up a little bit of interest, we can just jump straight in here. It's amazing to be able to go into your workplace straight from your lecture room, I think that is the best thing ever.

So, I am aware that, as of January 2020, you do need a degree to join the police force. For me coming into Derby and joining their kind of pre-join was a no-brainer really. They do offer the best quality standard of police training as far as I've seen. They really, really do teach you how to do the job and teach you everything that you need on the job, both theoretical and practical.

The University of Derby has great great links with both Derbyshire Constabulary and Nottinghamshire Police so we really get a general overview of the whole force, rather than just one specific area of being a PC. We've learned all about all different roles within the police, so police staff and and our police support network. Obviously, we want to become police officers at the end of this and they're very, very serious about that and you can tell that their main drive and their main end goal is to get you all into the police with the best experiences that you could possibly have and the best training that you could possibly have.


Policing at the University of Derby video

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