Industry accredited Music and Music Production courses video transcript

Hello, my name is Dr Paul Vandemast-Bell, I'm a Senior Lecturer in Music Production and the Programme Leader for the BSc (Hons) Music Production course at the University of Derby. I'm filming here from Markeaton Street Studio One, which houses our classic 48 channel Neve mixing console.
So I'm happy to announce that we were recently successful in all our music programmes being re-accredited by JAMES. So JAMES is a professional music industry accreditation body, so that means as a student at Derby you can be confident that your course is equipping you with all the skills and knowledge
that you need to prepare for a career in the music industry, and also the related creative industries.
So the JAMES assessors commended us for the collaborative opportunities that we provide for our students, so our students have worked with film students and computer game students within the College of Arts. It also praised the curriculum changes that we've made, so we regularly update our courses to make sure that they're fresh and current. They praised the balance of creative and technical work and also the commitment and professionalism of the teaching staff.


Industry accredited Music and Music Production courses video

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