our Music students YouTube video transcript

I'm Harry Cooper I'm studying an MA in Music Production. I'm Jordan Barry and I'm also studying an MA in Music Production.
The reason that I came to university is because I wanted more time to kind of figure out what I was doing in my kind of career field. I had skills but I wanted to develop them a bit more and the time at university was really valuable for that.
The game we're creating based on binaural audio and ambisonic audio is very much an innovative project in that it's a fully explorable 3D audio driven game, which hasn't really existed before or at least not to the this scale.
As a means of taking a creative degree and what you learn from it and progressing that into an actual career and starting your own company it would have been impossible to do that without the ambisonic knowledge they have here, and so Pitch Black: A Dusklight Story which is the name of the game, and Purple Jam limited which is the name of the company, wouldn't really exist without the University of Derby's expertise.
It has literally grown from us Knowing each other from the course and then it's kind of snowballed into an idea that we kind of hand it all to the University course for where we are now.

Our Music students YouTube video

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