Fashion and Textiles - hear from a student video transcript


Hello, I'm Saffron, I'm a third year student. Before I applied for the University of Derby I studied an Art Foundation Diploma and I used a lot of this work to produce a portfolio, and just show a range of my skills, include things that show your personality and what you are really like, and don't worry about things looking perfect because nobody is perfect so it will just show who you are.

I chose to study at the University of Derby as I knew it was a close network between students and lecturers, and this was a big thing for me choosing this University to study at as I wasn't very confident, and I knew that I would like this one-to-one teaching that I knew I would get at Derby, the facilities as well for the University of Derby on a whole are just amazing.

I am based at Chandos Pole Street which is a whole building dedicated to Textiles and Fashion students, so this part of the University is just great for us, so it's just a hub for all minds that think alike and it's just a really lovely environment to work in. A lot of our projects were sort of based around visits and places we went with the University based on different artists, and different themes, and in year three we choose our own topics. My project was based around the secret garden so I produced a project all around this topic, a lot of it is just development work, so you just learn new things and progress from your mistakes, and don't treat it as a mistake you just have to treat it as part of the process.

I've developed so much since the first year all the technical skills have hugely progressed. Before starting at the University of Derby I hadn't done any weaving whatsoever, and now this is my specialist area, so it just shows how much I've learned in so little time, but also confidence as a person it's just grown hugely so I definitely have changed so much over the years. So during my studies at the University of Derby i've learned to take risks and just trust in the development process.


Fashion and Textiles - hear from a student video

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