Study English, Creative Writing and Publishing at Derby video transcript


Kedleston Road

Video begins by spanning the Kedleston Road entrance at Kedleston Road, our main site in Derby where the English, Creative Writing and Publishing courses are taught.

Three students enter the building together, laughing and talking before going through the security gates using their student passes. They then wave.

English, Creative Writing and Publishing

Study challenging ideas and texts which will change the way you think.

A group of students examine the front cover of a range of books.

Gain valuable experience through work placements on a variety of projects.

The lecturer is talking in a seminar and then the camera focuses on a students laptop screen with notes on.

Our courses will broaden your mind and prepare you for an exciting and rewarding career.

The lecturer is speaking to a couple of students in a breakout area, discussing something on the laptop.

Designed with students in mind, develop an understanding of different markets and where you fit.

A group of students having a discussion in an independent study area.

Student life

A student is texting as they walk down a path next to a canal.

Text messages:

Students meet up in a communal living kitchen in a hall of residence. They play cards at a table.

They play pool in a common room.

The students walk along a cobbled area lined by planters and seating outside their halls of residence.

Study English, Creative Writing and Publishing at Derby video

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