Economics and Finance - your questions answered video transcript

Aerial shots of the University of Derby Kedleston Road campus and the surrounding area. Shots of the outside on the entrance to the Kedleston Road campus.

Dr Weiwei Yang, Senior Lecturer in Economics and Finance, sits in the Bloomberg Financial Markets Lab surrounded by computer screens filled with data as multiple wall-mounted TV screen show live news feeds.

Dr Yang:

Hello, I'm Dr Weiwei Yang. I'm a Senior Lecturer in Economics and Finance.  

Who is the course for?

Our course is for students who would like to pursue a career as a business analyst, business consultant, financial analyst, and financial advisors and our course is open for student who has any background because all our first year will equip students with all the necessary knowledge and skills to help them to progress to more specialised module in the second or third year.

What career can you pursue with this degree?

Students can pursue a career like you know business analyst, economist, business consultant, financial advisor, and financial analyst when they finish the degree with us.   

Why should you study Economics and Finance at Derby?

All our courses are highly practical it all has the applied nature, so we not only teach the concept and theories but we also make sure students can apply it and interpret all the analysis and the result. Yeah all our courses in our discipline are accredited by the professional bodies for example have Siemens CSI and that means you know all our syllabus for our course are closely mapped with the exam provided by those professional bodies so you know getting the professional qualifications well in addition to a degree while making more attractive in the job market.  

What will students learn and how will they be assessed?

So students will not only learn those essential concepts theories but also more importantly students will learn how to apply to the real examples and the student also will develop the transferable skills like you know digital literacy, numerical skills, critical thinking analytical skills so that will all help to get prepare our students to be work-ready. All our assessments are not exam-based and because we believe it's not about memory test it's about how you use your knowledge, how you interpret the result, so our focus is on how you use real data to solve the real problem.

Who will students be taught by?

Students will be taught by a very international team of academic staff members because we we believe you know having international perspectives very important for our students and also students will be taught by a group of you know industry experts so for example, we have Professor Trevor Williams who was Chief economist from Lloyds Bank who come every year to give lecture to our students. We also have representatives from the bank of England to launch the assessment brief to our students and you know throughout the year we also have you know various you know business leaders experts and senior professionals from industries.

What facilities will students use?

We're going to use industry standard software called Bloomberg that's what you can see here. So we have a delicate Bloomberg lab for students to use the Bloomberg software so you can see the tickers here you know student well you know look at you know the stock market movement you know every day around the world so that's the one you know if you join Derby in the future, that's the room you're going to use.

Economics and Finance - your questions answered video

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