Our Computer Games students video transcript

Steven Deathridge, Computer Games Programming 3rd year student:

I moved here in the second year with some prior knowledge in programming. As soon as I entered the classroom my lecturers made me feel immediately welcomed, they helped me meet some amazing people and so I was never I never really felt alone even though I joined here at a later stage. And the biggest highlight for me is today you know me and my team have spent the past three four months or so making a game. We have just won the best game of the expo this year so I couldn't be prouder.

Leo Dunbar, Computer Games Modelling and Animation 3rd year student:

Today has been an absolutely amazing day you know we've got all of these people sort of behind us celebrating the achievements that we spent the last you know three years trying to work for. I came into this course with a prior knowledge of 3D and game design but my skills at the start was very lacklustre compared to what they are now which made me realise you know how much I had to learn very quickly just through the help of the lecturers mainly that was they care you know more than they probably should about the uh the quality of the work that you produce as well as your sort of personal growth.

CJ Ashley, Computer Games Modelling and Animation 3rd year student:

The amount of technical experience that I've gained with the learning programs, learning you know rendering simulation all of that kind of stuff the amount of experience I have now in 3D is uh immense and I think the the most valuable thing that CGMA has taught me is knowing where to look for things that can work in an industry pipeline. It's almost like a trade course more than an art course or other kind of university course. The sort of focus on industry standards the focus on topology stuff like that I never would have learned that learning 3D on my own. The course has been amazing for me and I'm still going into character art. I never changed my passion I just changed the medium in which I was working in and also it's about learning how to work in a team and now working on this game together I'm super proud of the game that we've worked on that I was team leader on you know the teamwork, the working with programmers is essential.

Alex Ross, Computer Games Programming 3rd year student:

I have learned more skills than just programming here. You will learn things like your leadership skills. You'll genuinely enjoy learning all this when you get it right and you get to see people play your game and enjoy it. It makes it all worthwhile.

Leo Dunbar:

The amount of effort that the university puts into sort of not only helping you personally but just helping you know the course grow and getting new connections because you know with industry like this a lot of the time it is who you know not what you know and uh you know we've got handfuls of companies coming in to meet with us and look at our portfolios just to you know really try and give us the best start that we can into the industry.

Alex Ross:

I would like to go into industry as quickly as possible but learn using the skills I learned here it gives me time to advance my portfolio. Within that you'll make some excellent friends and contacts for the future. We all move forward together we all help each other as we want to grow and be better programmers.

Steven Deathridge:

I'd say do it. It is honestly the most fun I've had. My skills have expanded massively for a multiple variety of programs.

Our Computer Games students video

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