BA (Hons) Computer Games Modelling and Animation showreel video transcript

The camera zooms into a sad, red teddy bear. The teddy bear waddles forward. Its body catches on a post and rips open. It falls to the floor, lying sideways. A robot vacuum cleaner sucks the teddy bear.

A black spaceship and a brown spaceship fire at each other in space.

The player is inside a medieval tavern in dark lighting. The player runs over to an open fire in a cooking area.

The player runs through a forest at nighttime. They are being chased by a gorilla character.

An old-fashioned clock shows the time as 11.05. We see a street view with old lamp posts.

The camera pans along the ground, showing a large snake sculpture and lots of candles lit around the floor.

A skeleton wearing a pirate’s hat sits on top of a large skeletal hand in the middle of the ocean.

The camera pans backwards, we see robotic figures with solid red lights where their eyes would be.

The camera pans around a school classroom filled with desks and chairs.

A player with red hair jumps and swings across yellow toadstools and platforms towards a larger platform. It is snowing around them.

The camera pans around a large room in a building with a grand staircase.

The player holds out a gun, aiming at robotic figures entering the futuristic room.

A tall, robotic figure fills the screen, its arms replaced by guns, standing in front of a set of steps.

A tree stands tall in front of a wooden cart on a grassy hill. The tree is replaced by four smaller trees. Then they are replaced by a small, single tree.

The player runs towards a piano in a grand room.

The player is in a concrete room with wooden benches and hessian sacks. Bullet cases litter the floor.

A tank opens fire, another tank is thrown in the air. A third tank continues to race along a street.

The player runs through a darkly lit forest.

Two small objects fly towards a large black spaceship.

A gorilla wears metallic armour on its arms and legs. Its eyes are red and it has scars on its face.

A red-haired character jumps onto wooden crates, and then onto a wooden platform. The character then appears in a snowy scene jumping onto a yellow toadstool.

A mouse examines a dissected frog.

A ghostly figure stands in a darkly lit street, lit by old-fashioned lamp posts. At another angle of the street, the figure moves quickly from one side of the street to the other, moving closer to the viewer. The figure then appears close up, its eyes are white and its grinning.

A yellow car speeds along a rockface, the driver hits the pedals and the car skids sideways.

A screen shows a bird’s eye view of a location with game stats along the bottom. The words “Increase your power, recruit for your cause…” appear on the screen.

A red striped sock is atop a kitchen counter. It knocks into an empty white mug which rolls towards the edge of the counter.

A small figure wearing an astronaut pack and helmet jumps from a small platform towards the opening of a spaceship, following a two-headed figure.

The player chooses a location for some honeycomb-shaped pieces on a flat green surface. There are trees, bees, mushrooms, and beehives.

A gold sword embellished with a dragon is lit by a candle in a dark room.

A dark, underground space is shown with a split train track and some skills in a container.

A skeletal figure wearing a pirate’s hat sits atop a large skeletal hand. It grabs its arm with the other hand and pulls it away from its body before throwing it away.

BA (Hons) Computer Games Modelling and Animation showreel video

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