International Business - your questions answered video transcript

I'm Dr Mehdi Hasan and I'm the Lecturer in Economics and Finance. International Business Management is a multi-disciplinary programme. It covers a lot of different disciplines including economics, finance, logistics, supply chain, law. So it gives a very good broad idea about multi-disciplinary modules. So with this programme, students can actually know about the culture of different multinational organisations.

Our modules cover a lot of stuff with corporate governance, sustainability. This can actually give a very thorough, robust knowledge to our students. It gives a lot of opportunity for the student to find out their interest, their passion, what they want to do. So once they are graduated, they can actually move to marketing career, for example, or maybe investment banks.

They can also move to any graduate level of customer service role. They can also move to international trade related jobs. There are so many opportunities to work internationally and nationally as well. In the second year, second semester, students get an opportunity to study outside of the UK with our partner organisations. And we also encourage students for our short term internship programmes as well. Our students, they work as volunteers. We have job fairs with the voluntary organisations, public and private sector organisations, they come in as well. Our international business students, they have access to Bloomberg. So Bloomberg is a very reputed international data sources. Once they enrol with our programme, they get access to the Bloomberg data service.

Students get access to Reuters database as well. So that is another global market database. Our students need to use Excel SPSS software on a daily basis. So data analysis, data collection, that is a very good skill for students as well. Every year we get some guest lecturers, private sector organisation, public sector organisation, even voluntary organisation
to get students a very good idea about how the organisations run because companies work differently. It is always good for them when they learn from the real person who are actually in the organisation.


International Business - your questions answered video

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