Animation showreel video transcript


A white ‘University of Derby’ Logo appears on a blue background.

There is a view of an animated mountain landscape surrounded by clouds and a body water.

The course title “BA (HONS) ANIMATION STUDENT SHOWREEL” appears on screen.

Two characters sit upright on opposite sides of the screen.

One character with a blue background and one character with a pink background.

The pink character slides the blue box out of frame with their feet.

The blue character fights back and slides their way back in pushing the pink characters box away.

A black and white picture takes over the blue characters box.

A woman in a long gown with a long curved neck walks down the street.

A child holding flowers joins her, they both walk up the stairs to a townhouse.

A yellow hand reaches downwards and transitions into a scribbled drawing of a yellow figure walking up a darkened hill.

A yellow sun appears, along with a midnight blue background.

A red solider marches out of a huge archway on a large castle.

Zoom out to show two other archways.

Four more block red soldiers face one another holding spears.

A continual zoom out shows a wider landscape with more soldiers lined up until the castle disappears entirely.

Two pictures hang on the wall near a doorway in a house.

A ginger haired cartoon lady arrives in the doorway smiling and waving.

She puts her hand in her pockets and searches.

She produces a small grey rectangular item which looks like a piece of card. 

A young boy with spikey hair runs across the surface of the moon in space, with twinkling stars.

A large, round man with a pink shirt and black tie rolls after him.

A cliff edge appears and the young boy comically falls over the edge as the suited man looks shocked.

A man in climbing gear scales down a mountain face using a rope.

Out in the distance are fields, trees and a welcoming big country estate.

Zoom out and the words “TO BE CHALLENGED” appear.

A hyper realistic beer bottle and lava lamp sit on a desk in focus.

A teenage girl in a red hoodie is sat at her desk reading a manual with her feet up on the desk. 

The girl watches her computer screen as an installation completes downloading on an older style desktop computer covered in funky stickers and with rain drops on the window behind the computer. 

A simple drawing of a figure walks a tight rope of pencil across a lined piece of paper.

Zoom in on a shadowed drawing of a man.

His eyes cry orange lava-like liquid.

The lava-like tear drop hits the floor and turns into an orange figure.

A hand holds a small rectangle card with eyes and a nose over a card payment machine.

The card payment machine reads “CARD ERROR” as the card looks just like a hamster.

The card is tried again and the payment machine reads “CARD ERROR” again.

The hand frantically tries to get the card to work by swiping it left to right over a contactless payment sign on the card payment machine.

A small red bird flies across the screen looking distressed with two electric white kites in place of its wings.

A black and white small city of industrial looking buildings and crowd of people surround a photographic cake tier mountain.

One man runs towards the cake with his arms out screaming.

He plunges headfirst into the bottom tier of the cake and half his body hangs out the side.

Eight baking cases sit in a baking tray, they are full with uncooked cake batter.

A moving mouth and pinhole eyes moves inside each one.

A hand removes the tray from the wooden table.

A small orange and red leaf blows across the windy forest.

The tray reappears on the wooden table.

Happy cooked cupcakes smile as steam evaporates from them.

A black and white doodled woman walks across the screen towards a box on the floor wearing a detailed jacket.

She bends down to open up the box.

She opens the box which has a hole on the side.

She puts her hands inside and begins to fall into a deep hole, engulfing her entire body into the box.

A older gentleman walks through the street holding his briefcase, waving to a local fruit and vegetable salesman who waves back whilst sweeping outside the shop. 

Illuminated white daisies grow bigger in rocks.

A theatre mask flickers on a black screen.

Each second a body appears around the mask.

A small blue fish swims across a black screen.

A figure dives into the blackness with trails of purple motion blur around them.

White light rays spill into the blackness.

The figure moves smoothly with their hands together in a triangle shape above their head.

The purple motion disappears and the white figure transitions into a small glowing ball of light.

A sketched red dog appears from a manhole in the street.

He crawls out from the hole wearing a blue jacket and comes towards the camera.

The camera sits above a plate of sausages, bread and beans sits on a wooden table with a knife and fork.

At eye level, a woman approaches the plate of food on the table.

She points at the food.

A view of an orange and yellow landscape covered in rockets.

A small figure sits in a small white rocket in the foreground.

Their pilot mask comes down onto their face and the rocket zooms off into the sky.

A man with a black flowing cape and top hat stands at the bottom of a glowing neo landscape where thick clouds gather.

PICTURE: A young woman sits at a computer desk.

PICTURE: Three students in line work on a piece of art.

PICTURE: Two women sit at computers with graphics tablets.

PICTURE: A close up of a hand sticking purple stars to a piece of art.

PICTURE: A classroom of students work on computers.

PICTURE: A student and lecturer talking at a desk with a laptop.

PICTURE: Three students draw art on a white wall.

PICTURE: A young man focusing drawing.

A small white robot walks around a grey room as the camera rotates 360 degrees.

A caricature man’s eyes move as the screen flickers.

His face moves and reveals it is attached to a pointing hand.

The hand flips and points towards an older caricature with grey hair and a long grey beard.

The older man’s face blinks and looks up.

A small hand drawn paper plane flies in circles across a purple wall.

The paper plane turns into a bird figure and flies towards the camera.

Three beers clink together outside of a building with hands holding the glasses to 'cheers'.

A grey alien looking being walks across a deserted plain.

A vulture lands on skeleton remains with a shipwreck in the background.

A blonde haired woman sits on a blue chair reading a book in a beautiful garden.

Her hands raises and waves.

Another woman with pink hair tending to a plant waves back.

She picks up the plant in a box and walks away.

A view of a factory with working machinery as ‘1881’ reads in the top left corner of the screen.

A businessman jumps onto the screen as the machine cogs turn and raises his arms as if to show off the machinery.

A finger dips into a brown porridge like substance and scoops some up. 

A man wearing a chef's hat with large sideburns eats the substance from his finger.

The chef signals an ‘ACE’ compliment with his finger and thumb. 

A black diamond turns into a black star in space.

A white circle appears within the shape.

A large businessman taller than buildings on the screen stands saluting in the middle of a map of a town as “BE AMBITIOUS” reads in the top right of the screen.

There is a basic road plan with cars on the roads and recognisable buildings like The Shard and other buildings like a clothes shop. Lightbulbs flash up on the screen.

A small boy wearing glasses, t shirt and shorts looks up to the camera.

Two orange figures breathe out smoke as a purple figure stands on a podium with orange circulation lines glowing on his body.

A black rectangle with “UNIVERSITY OF DERBY” enters the screen.

Orange waves flow across the screen.


The screen turns entirely black with a University of Derby logo in white in the centre.

Beneath the University of Derby Logo reads “BA (HONS) ANIMATION” and

Animation showreel video

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