Accounting fieldtrip video video transcript

Today we're having a presentation by the Chief Executive of the Chatsworth House Trust and the Head of Visitor Experience, and we've linked that to a coursework on management accounting where we're looking at performance evaluation of the trust and so it's really great experience for the students to get involved with an organisation and to get some real life experience and real life data, so they will share their data with us and it means the students can actually do something that they would have to do when they go out and get a graduate level job. A hands-on approach is always the best approach you get to see more and get to feel the presence and see how it actually works in real life, whereas in the classroom or at home you can't really do that, you have to be on the site to get the real feel for it. It was nice to hear from the Chatsworth Senior Managers and gain their subjective opinions about how they are performing by speaking to them in person we get to learn their actual management accounts so being here in person we can ask the very specific questions that we just can't find on the website. Yeah so it's really interesting to see how the large organisations manage their accounts and finances and I'm finding it very very interesting because I would like to work for a large organisation when I finish my studies. And now they get to experience the whole of Chatsworth to get that ethos of Chatsworth within their report so it really links the business the studies.

Accounting fieldtrip video video

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