Scholarships and discounts - terms and conditions

Please read this document carefully and ensure that you understand these terms and conditions before submitting your application.

The following definitions apply to these International Student Scholarship and Discount Terms and Conditions:

CAS: Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies;

Discount: means either of the two course fee discounts offered by the University being (i) Full Payment Discount of £1,000; or (ii) Masters Alumni Discount of £500, each of which may be deducted from the Programme Fees specified in the Offer Letter;

Fees: the standard Programme fees payable by the Student as detailed in the Offer Letter prior to any Discount or Scholarship is applied;

Offer Letter: the letter setting out the offer made by the University relating to the Programme, and which provides details of the Student Contract, including, details of the Programme Fees;

Programme: the programme of study at the University;

Merit-Based Scholarship: an award given to a Student for exceptional performance whether academically or in connection with extracurricular activities.  The value of, and any conditions relating to, the Scholarship will be as described in the Offer Letter.  The Scholarship amount will be deducted from the Fees payable by the Student;

Scholarship: means as applicable a Merit-Based Scholarship;

Student/you/your: an international student who has received an Offer Letter to take a place on a University provided Programme and who is seeking a Discount or Scholarship toward their Fees;

Student Contract: the contract (including student terms and conditions) entered into between the University and the Student in relation to their place on the Programme;

University/we/us: University of Derby.

1. Scholarship and Discount Award

a) A Scholarship or Discount will be granted at the sole discretion of the University;

b) An email communication from the admissions department will confirm the value of the Scholarship or Discount;

c) Scholarships and Discounts are awarded and applied as a reduction to the Programme Fees during the first year of study only. Full details about how this works will be set out in a separate email from the admissions department;

d) Scholarships and Discounts are not available to use against any maintenance costs, and no cash alternatives are available;

e) Scholarships and Discounts are offered based on the Programme of study you state in your application.  If after applying for a Scholarship, you choose to study on different Programme of study, the University cannot guarantee that you will receive the same Scholarship (or any Scholarship) for the new Programme you have chosen, and you will need to speak with the University if you no longer wish to study on the Programme;

f) Students are permitted to combine a Merit-Based Scholarship application with a Discount application (the terms and conditions of which are set out in Part 2 below).

2.     Changes to these Terms and Conditions

The University reserves the right to amend these Scholarship and Discount terms and the amount of any Scholarship or Discount without prior notice, but if you have already been awarded a Scholarship or Discount, you will continue to be entitled to receive that Scholarship or Discount amount on the terms that were stated when you applied.

3.     Eligibility

Merit-Based Scholarships

To be eligible for a Merit-Based Scholarship, the Student must meet all the following criteria:

(i) comply at all times with these terms and conditions, the Student Contract, the Offer Letter and any conditions within it;

(ii) not qualify for home fee status;

(iii) not be in receipt of the GREAT British Council Scholarship’ or any other Merit-Based Scholarship; whether awarded by the University or by any other organisation.;

(iv)  have applied for a full-time Programme at the University campus; and

(v) meet the entry criteria for the relevant Programme, including any criteria specified in the Offer Letter.

Full Payment Discount

To be eligible for the Full Payment Discount, the Student must meet all the following criteria:

(i) comply at all times with these terms and conditions, the Offer Letter and the Student Contract;

(ii) be on either an Undergraduate Programme, or a Postgraduate Taught Masters Programme at the University;

(iii) not qualify for home fee status;

(iv) pay the £8,000 deposit for the Programme;

(v) not be in receipt of the GREAT British Council Scholarship;

(vi) provide any other required documentation (bank statements) needed to receive their CAS; and

(vii) pay the remainder of the Fees for the Programme before or at the time of enrolment; or pay the Fees in full at the time of applying for their CAS.

For the avoidance of doubt, Students are not eligible for an Early Bird Discount if they wish to pay their Fees in instalments.

Masters Alumni Discount

To be eligible for the Masters Alumni Discount, the Student must meet all the following criteria:

(i) be on a Postgraduate Taught one years’ masters Programme;

(ii) not be in receipt of the GREAT British Council Scholarship;

(iii) hold a full bachelors or masters degree from the University; and

(iv) not qualify for home fee status. 

4.     Your Obligations

You are required to:

a) accept and comply with the terms of the Student Contract;

b) pay all Fees (less the applicable Scholarship or Discount amount) when due to the University in accordance with the Student Contract;

c) meet any conditions set out in the Offer Letter (as appropriate). 

d) fully achieve your predicted grades and all other conditions of your Offer Letter, in order to receive any Merit-Based Scholarship. If you do not meet your predicted grades but are still offered a place at the University, you may no longer be eligible to receive your Merit-Based Scholarship.  In these circumstances, please contact the University at;

e) provide the University with satisfactory evidence of your qualifications and compliance with all conditions set out in these terms and conditions and the Offer Letter when we ask you to do so. If you do not meet or do not continue to meet any of these, or if you do not give us reasonable evidence that you have met these your Scholarship or Discount may be withdrawn as set out in section 5 below.

f) register on your Programme by the start date specified in the Offer Letter. Scholarships may not be deferred to the next Programme intake or academic year, unless we expressly agree this with you in writing;

g) obtain a CAS and meet all applicable visa and immigration requirements.  If documented on your Offer Letter, you may also be required to provide us with additional information relating to your visa; 

h) be registered as a full-time student and be classified as paying international fees for the duration of your Programme.

NB. If you require a Student Visa to study in the UK, any Scholarship or Discount will be noted on your CAS as a reduction of your Fees.  The full Programme Fee will only appear on your Offer Letter;     


Your attention is specifically drawn to this section 5.

5.     Withdrawal and Repayment

a) Please note in particular that if, in the opinion of the University acting in good faith, you do not meet or do not continue to meet any of these terms and conditions, or if you do not give us reasonable evidence that you have met these terms and conditions, your Scholarship or Discount may be withdrawn.

b) A Scholarship or Discount may be withdrawn by written notice from the University to a Student. 

c) Withdrawal of the Scholarship or Discount shall take effect from the date of the University’s written notice and the Student may be required to repay all or part of the Scholarship or Discount amount in accordance with the terms of 5(d) below.

d) Students will be required upon written notice to repay all or part of their Scholarship or Discount in any of the following circumstances:

6.     Marketing and testimonials

As a Scholarship or Discount Student, you will be asked from time to time, and for a period of 2 years after you have left the Programme, to: