International students - Paying your fees

You will need to pay £3,000 of your tuition fees as a deposit, this payment will secure your place on your chosen course. You can then pay the remaining amount of your fees in two equal instalments. However, if you pay your fees in full by enrolment, you will receive a £500 discount.* 

Tuition fees

Below is a summary of our annual tuition fees for international students in UK pounds before any scholarship, bursary or discount has been applied. 

Course level2022 / 2023
Foundation £14,045
Undergraduate* £14,045
Postgraduate* £14,700
MBA £15,450
MBA Block Delivery £19,800
MSc GeoEnergy £19,950
DBA £27,000

* Some course fees may vary so please check the course webpage for details.

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Scholarships and discounts for international students

We have a range of scholarships and discounts available to international students which can be used together to offer a reduction in your tuition fees.

Find out more about scholarships for international studentsFind out more about scholarships for international students

When to pay your fees

  • September enrolment - £3,000 in advance of enrolment, half of the remaining amount by 1 November and the final instalment by 10 January
  • January enrolment - £3,000 in advance of enrolment, half of the remaining amount by 1 March and the final instalment by 1 May

You can now pay using our online payment system.

Help to pay your fees


If you progress from an undergraduate degree to a postgraduate degree at Derby, you will get an Alumni discount on your postgraduate course fees.

If you pay your fees in full at the point of enrolment, you will receive a £500 discount.

* Discount applicable on all courses except the International Foundation Programme and can be used in conjunction with another scholarship, bursary or discount. See terms and conditions for discounts.


If you are an overseas applicant, any offer made will initially be a conditional offer, subject to you either paying a deposit of GBP £3,000 or providing a sponsor letter. 

Refund of the £3,000 deposit is normally dependent on your providing proof that your visa application has been refused. However, if your visa application was submitted using fraudulent or dishonest evidence or documents, we will not refund your deposit.

Additionally, during the period in which we consider that Covid-19 is affecting the normal operation of the University, we will, if you decide to withdraw your application, refund your deposit if we agree that any of the following criteria apply to you. Note that we will not refund your deposit without written evidence.

  • The University is only able to provide online study options, which you do not wish to accept
  • You were given a conditional offer by the University but were not able to meet the specified conditions solely due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, for example, if your relevant exams were cancelled and the University was unable to accept your alternative proposal(s) for satisfying the conditions of your offer
  • You are unable to travel to the UK solely because of Covid-19 prior to the last published enrolment date
  • You completed the University’s EAP programme but failed to reach the standard required to progress to your degree course
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