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Course level

Level 7


4 sessions


Self-guided online learning

Course description

The short course will cover the process of designing, delivering and managing service quality and related customer experiences. The course will present service quality and customer experience frameworks that will facilitate the design,  delivery and management of customer service experiences.  The relationship between service quality management , customer satisfaction and customer loyalty will be explored.  Participants will be able to critically analyse and evaluate the impact of service quality management systems on customer service experiences  with an emphasis on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. The course will also address staffing and impact on customer service experiences.

Structure, certificates and assessment

Delivery structure 

Session 1: Service Experiences

Session 2: Service Quality Management

Session 3: Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Session 4: Staffing, Service Quality and Customer Experiences

A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded for completing the course. 

Activities for self-paced learning 

Design customer experiences scenarios and mapping out effective ways of delivering and managing them

Apply theoretical models to identify and assess service quality management systems within a given context

Develop customer satisfaction and customer loyalty tools based on given theoretical frameworks to suite given scenarios

Create a personal development plan to help participants deliver high levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty

Learning outcomes

LO1: Participants will be able to conceptualise the process of managing customer service experiences

LO2 Participants will be able to design competitive customer experiences and determine most effective ways of delivering and managing high customer satisfaction and loyalty levels within given context

LO3: Based on appropriate theoretical models, participants will be able to critically evaluate service quality management systems and their impact on  customer experiences

Fees and funding

The price of this course is £475.00 but we are offering at £237.50 due to these unprecedented times and a desire to keep people self-developing.

How to apply

This course is no accepting applications, for further dates and to register your interest in this course please contact the Business Gateway.



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Who will teach you

Faith Samkange at a Industry Day Conference

Dr Faith Samkange
Programme leader

Faith Samkange is a Senior Lecturer in Hospitality Management. 

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