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The practice documents and information videos aim to help you support a prescribing student. Each of the professional bodies have distinct prescribing standards so the documentation and preparation varies depending on the type of student. If you are accessing these resources instead of attending a live webinar, please remember to complete the "Update quiz" at the bottom of the page. 

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These videos aim to help explain the overall programme, professional standards and practice assessment. It is advisable to first download the Practice Assessment Document (PAD) or guidance document for your type of student (eg Nurse, Pharmacist or Allied Health Professional). 

Introduction to the Non-medical Prescribing Course

Students in discussion in a classroom

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Overview of Non-medical Prescribing Practice Assessment Document

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Reference and Practice Documents

Each professional regulator has different standards for practice assessment. However, the practice assessment document for all professions is based on the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) Competency Framework for all prescribers (RPS, 2021). Additionally the RPS has published a Competency Framework for Designated Prescribing Practitioners (DPPs) which outlines the expectations of DMPs, DPPs, NMC Practice Assessors and HCPC Practice Educators who are supporting prescribing students. 

Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) Competency Frameworks

RPS Prescribing Competency Framework

RPS DPP Competency Framework

Practice Assessment Documents

The practice assessment documents and guidance for assessing practitioners undertaking the NMP course

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