Student Placement Travel

Downloadable claim form for student placement travel expenses.

Student Placement Travel Expenses Form


Basis for payment of travel expenditure

All Students must pay the first £5 of travel costs each day. The University will reimburse amounts that exceed this provided that:

  1. All sections of the form have been completed
  2. The form has been authorised by the Placement
  3. Receipts are provided (except mileage)
  4. Postcodes have been provided
  5. You are not in receipt of a Bursary (Excluding a UOD Bursary)
  6. You are not employed by the Provider
  7. The Placement is with in the East Midlands, or the Placement Unit has provided you with confirmation of the travel expenses you can claim.
  8. Forms must be submitted to Your Academic Centre by the following deadlines:
Time of placementClaim deadline
Placements during the period August to December 13 January
Placements during the period January to April 12 May
Placements during the period May to July      14 July