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Shared accounts

Posted: 29/10/2020

If you share any information in your Oracle profile with another business, such as council bank accounts details or contact names, and you wish to amend these details, please contact in the first instance.

Purchase order fraud

Posted: 07/10/2020

A scam targeting existing and potential suppliers to Universities and businesses nationally appears to be having a resurgance.

As part of the scam, an existing or potential supplier will receive an email or phone call requesting a quotation for a specific item/s of equipment or goods. These may be in large or small quantities and of low to high values. The fraudster may use the name of an individual connected to the University and the email address resembles a legitimate university email address. For instance, using – instead of or universityof​....​ instead of

Once the quote has been provided, a purchase order resembling an authentic University purchase order is emailed to the supplier. The delivery is to an address that may or may not be affiliate with the University and the fraudster also gives a mobile number requesting that this is the first number to try as they may be away from their desk or in meetings. Once they get a notification from the courier of dispatch the fraudster then will attempt to intercept or redirect the delivery. After shipping the item/s of equipment, the supplier never receives payment and is unable to retrieve the shipped products.

Please stay alert and check the validity of all purchase orders received from the University of Derby.

Support for suppliers

Posted: 28/09/2020

The University of Derby aims to support its local SME suppliers to improve their environmental performance. If you are interested in accessing free support to help decarbonise your operations or supply chain provision, follow this link for more information about our DE-Carbonise programme: or contact Dr Bruno Gallotta at 

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