Supplier Guides

How to update your bank account details on the portal.

Guidance for existing suppliers of the University of Derby updating their bank details.  For adding your bank details for the first time please refer to our separate guidance here.

1. Log into the portal Oracle Supplier Portal link. (If this is the first time logging in after you have registered then your username is your email address and to obtain your password please press “Forgotten Password” in order to create a password for your account)

2. Press the Purple Icon titled "Update Your Bank Details"

An image showing the update your bank details icon in Oracle.

3.  On the left hand side of the screen select “Manage Profile”

An image showing on Oracle where to find Manage Profile in the menu at the very bottom of the list bottom of the list

4. At the top right of the screen press “Edit”

An image showing the Edit button on Oracle

5.  Select “Yes” on the pop up box

6. Select the “Payments” Tab on the screen

7. Select the “Bank Accounts” tab just below

8. Press the “+” Icon

An image showing the steps on Oracle to locate Payments, Bank Accounts and the plus icon

9. Fill in the information in each of the fields for

An image showing where to input your bank details on the Oracle portal bank accounts page

10. Then Select “OK” .  

11. Select the old bank account number e.g. XXXX1234

An image showing where on Oracle to locate the old bank details to inactivate

An image showing showing on Oracle where to input the inactive date

12. Then Select “OK”.           


13. Click on the line with your new bank details so it changes colour and use the little circle with the tick to set it as your primary account.

An image showing on Oracle how to set bank account as the default

Please ensure that the last four steps are completed or your update will go into pending.

14. Double check that your Business Classification, Products and Services Categories and Tax details are also input.

15. Select “Review Changes”

An image showing the Review Changes button on Oracle

16. Press “Submit” if all details are correct.

An image showing the Submit button on Oracle.

17. Press “Done”

Entering a bank name on the Supplier Portal:

When selecting your bank, there might be multiple subsidiaries - you need to know which one you bank with. 


Some other banks may have official names that are different to the customer brand they use.

If you are not sure go to, enter your sort code, click search and note the full title/name of the bank that appears - this is most likely the official name of the bank that you will need to enter on the supplier portal.