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Dr Amanda Baxendale

Dr Amanda Baxendale

Business Engagement and Innovation Manager

Amanda is Business Engagement and Innovation Manager for the Institute for Innovation in Sustainable Engineering (IISE).

She has spent her entire career working at the interface between University and industry. This has included working for a spin-out company of the University of Nottingham which exploited the properties of super critical fluid to encapsulate pharmaceutical companies into proprietary drug delivery technologies.

Amanda worked in technology transfer and knowledge transfer roles at the University of Birmingham and University of Sheffield, within healthcare and biosciences, before moving to Derby. She has now spent four years at the University of Derby supporting knowledge transfer across a wider range of disciplines, before moving to focus her efforts on engineering and manufacturing at IISE.

As Business Engagement and Innovation Manager for IISE, she works with companies to develop collaborative relationships. This may involve facilitating innovation discussions, planning projects, making connections with relevant research staff, identifying and applying for funding to deliver collaborative projects.