Rabia's story video transcript

Rabia speaking to camera throughout:

"Before I came to Derby I was a neuroscience researcher in Qatar. We moved here when my husband got a job as an A&E specialist at the local hospital."

(Overlay footage of Rabia looking through a microscope in a science lab, and analysing data on screen of a laptop)

"Studying locally suited my personal circumstances and I learned so much from my fellow students and mentors during my Masters in Public Health.

The students came from diverse sectors and countries - as a result I was not only exposed to public health issues within the UK, but on a global scale as well."

(Overlay footage of Rabia typing on a laptop, and then writing out a methodology on a classroom white board)

"After graduating I worked with Public Health England as an epidemiologist, providing data and evidence for public health scientists and supporting with the national Covid-19 response.

I've now moved on to work as an Associate Director in Global Epidemiology Oncology at Astrazeneca UK, and an associate lecturer at the University of Derby."

(Overlay footage of Rabia teaching in a University classroom)

"Moving forward I would like to complete a PhD and be a part of training both national and international public health practitioners to address the growing demands in the field."

Rabia's story video

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