Case study

Learning to 'speak the language' as business expands

Alex Williams is the director of an expanding small business. First there was just her but, over the last couple of years, she has taken on a team of 16 freelancers. As the business grew, Alex decided she needed to study our MSc Behaviour Change – principally to help her with funding bids.

Securing funding

Alex’s company, Muddy Feet, offers “innovative approaches to nature-connected communities”. Its business activities encompass holiday clubs, parent group events, running accredited training courses and delivering council-funded social projects targeting nature connection and wellbeing. Alex is also a trainer for Forest School and Outdoor Learning.

The MSc Behaviour Change has given Alex the extra knowledge she needed to support her businesses. She explains: “I have found learning about applied behaviour change interventions particularly useful for winning funding to run nature connection projects in schools.

“The projects encourage the assimilation of nature connection into attainment-focused teaching, including within international schools. Such projects are aimed to bring about not only learning benefits, especially on pro-environmental behaviours, but also wellbeing benefits for children.

“The Behaviour Change programme has allowed me to ‘speak the language’ utilised by local authorities and ensure that my offering aligns with public body strategy.”

Building a stronger network

The course has also improved Alex’s networking skills. She says: “The programme’s depth of learning on behaviour change principles and emphasis on holistic behaviour change has helped me to become more competitive and network more effectively. Networks with other students on the programme has also provided me with the opportunity to learn from how others have applied the learning.”

Alex has seen the need for behaviour change expertise growing, with requests for more behaviour change consultants within bids, both within her field and other related fields, such as training and facilitation and within environmental sustainability generally.

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