Case study

How Rabia's informing Covid-19 policy

Rabia Ali Khan is helping to plot England’s course through the Covid-19 pandemic after graduating with her Master of Public Health. Her work with Public Health England informs national policies relating to the global crisis.

Vital role

Since graduating, Rabia has been working as an Epidemiology and Modelling Scientist at the Emergency Response Department, for Public Health England.  

She explains: “My role entails various tasks including conducting literature reviews, data analysis, preparing reports and working collaboratively with organisations throughout the country to create intelligence to inform national policies relevant to Covid-19.”  

Rabia felt fully equipped for her role and credits the University for preparing her well. She says “The programme at the University of Derby offered a rigorous curriculum keeping me abreast with the latest national and international policies and public health strategies. I thoroughly enjoyed the assessments which were varied and enhanced my understanding of key and advanced public health concepts. Also, at the heart of the curriculum lies the core ability to 'critically' evaluate, assess and interpret contemporary public health issues. These skills are a key to success as a public health practitioner!”

The University of Derby had a significant impact on Rabia’s career. She explains “I have acquired advance analytical prowess and public health expertise that most local and national organisations seek, especially in these challenging times of a pandemic. My Masters has improved my prospects at employment and I feel more confident in my skills and expertise as a public health practitioner.”

Spoilt for choice after graduation

The University has employability at the heart of its programmes and after graduation Rabia was offered five roles, including both the local councils and Public Health England. She says “After much thought and consideration, I decided on my current role as it aligned with my aspirations of working in an academic oriented environment and offered opportunities to learn new skills particularly disease modelling which are highly relevant given the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Flexible and supportive

Rabia couldn’t have completed her degree without the care she received from the University. She explains “As a student with severe hearing impairment, it was essential for me that I felt well supported by the university and that the staff were approachable. Student Wellbeing Services offered all the guidance and assistance I required to facilitate my achievements.”

Rabia is also a mother of twin toddlers but felt supported throughout her course. She says “I was of the opinion that I might struggle as a full-time student but with the incessant support from the programme leader and the rest of the team, I completed my Masters with an overall distinction grade.”

Rabia Khan

The University of Derby is not only a place for learning but also a place where you will grow as a person and make new friends and memories to cherish forever.

Rabia Khan
Master of Public Health graduate