Case study

A career that’s global and local

Hazell Wooton’s marketing career is taking off in both the global and local markets. Since completing her Marketing Management MSc, she has not one but two marketing jobs - one in Derby and one with a global clothing brand.

Jobs are like buses

Hazell’s message for graduate job seekers is optimistic. “Do not be disheartened,” she says, “because, like buses, you wait for one and two show up at once!”

Her first role is as marketing manager for The Bookcafe, a local company that has venues in Derby and Belper. “It’s a lovely local business,” says Hazell. “I am the sole member of the marketing team.”

Her second job is as digital marketing assistant for worldwide alternative clothing brand, Killstar. Hazell says: “I have only been at Killstar a few months and they have already offered progression from my role.”

Hazell Wooton relaxing with a drink and a meal in The Bookcafe
Hazell relaxing in The Bookcafe

A ‘different’ year

Hazell decided to study at Derby because, as she says: “I saw the excellent ratings the university had for its courses.”

However, studying through the pandemic brought new challenges. “It was definitely different from any other year I have experienced within the university environment,” says Hazell. “The few times we could actually be in the building in a lecture were great and welcoming!"

And her greatest achievement? “That would probably be how I managed to outdo my expectations on every module. And work in a very different environment from what I was used to.”

Hazell Wooton wearing a Born Spooky beret

I do not think I would have enjoyed the past year at Derby if had not been for the amazing effort the lecturers had made to make sure we all had a voice. It was as if we were all in the same room.

Hazell Wooton
Marketing Management MSc graduate