MSc Forensic Science at the University of Derby video transcript

I'm Dr Samantha Drake. I'm a Senior Lecturer in forensic chemistry and the Programme Leader for the Masters in Forensic Science. The MSc in Forensic Science offers students the opportunity to learn in-depth knowledge of all aspects of forensic science, from crime scene analysis through to laboratory analysis and the analytical techniques that are used all the way through to a court appearance as well in a mock courtroom environment.
While studying the MSc in Forensic Science students will have the opportunity to do crime scene investigation. They will get extensive hands-on experience in using a wide range of analytical equipment. It allows them to do an in-depth research project on an industry-relevant project.
One of the main benefits of students studying the MSc in Forensic Science is that it will provide them with a whole range of transferable employability skills such as, problem-solving, excellent communication, they will have
an in-depth understanding of the quality assurance aspects required for professional competency and they will
have an understanding of all of the equipment that is used in the analysis of both forensic evidence but also other
types of chemical samples and biological samples as well.
Students will be able to go into a range of different professions, obviously within forensic science itself but also
there are many opportunities available within the research and development industry within pharmaceutical sciences, within anywhere that requires a lab analysis. We have students that go on to do teaching courses or further study in terms of doctoral research as well.

MSc Forensic Science at the University of Derby video

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