Postgraduate Alumni discount - Terms and Conditions

Students shall read and understand fully these Discount Terms and Conditions before applying to a relevant Programme.

1. Definitions

The following definitions are used in these Discount Terms and Conditions:
Discount: 25% of the Fees payable for the Programme.
Discount Criteria:

To be eligible for the discount, the student must at the date of the offer letter:

(i) hold a bachelor’s degree from the University of Derby;

(ii) have graduated in the academic years 2021/22 or 2022/23 and are fully enrolled on a postgraduate programme by July 2024.

(iii) have been offered a place into a Postgraduate Taught masters full-time or part time programme at the University; for the avoidance of doubt, the discount is not available on the following programmes/courses:

a. Postgraduate Research courses;
b. Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) courses;
c. Corporate learning courses;
d. Learning Beyond Registration (LBR) courses;
e. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses;
f. Integrated masters;
g. MSc Pre-registration courses, including but not limited to:
i. MSc Nursing (Adult) Pre-registration;
ii. MSc Nursing (Mental Health) Pre-registration;
iii. MSc Nursing (Children’s) Pre-registration;
iv. MSc Nursing (LD) Pre-registration;
v. MSc Diagnostic Radiography Pre-registration;
vi. MSc Occupational Therapy Pre-registration.

(iv) be eligible for Home/EU fee status. For the avoidance of doubt, the Discount is not available for those assessed as being of overseas fee status. This requirement may be revisited in case of Brexit affecting fee status.

Fees: the total fees payable by the Student for the Programme. The Offer Letter shall state the full amount of the Fees before and after the Discount. If the Fees are mistakenly set out in the Offer Letter the University reserves the right to re-issue the Offer Letter.

Offer Letter: the letter setting out the offer made by the University relating to the Programme, and which provides details of the Student Contract, including, details of the applicable Fees.

Programme: the Postgraduate Taught master’s programme of study to which the Discount applies as referred to in the Offer Letter.

Student: the student who is entitled to a Discount on whose name the Offer Letter is issued.

Student Contract: the contract entered into between the University and the Student in relation to the Student’s attendance at the University to study on the Programme.

University: University of Derby.

2. Application of Discount

a) A Discount will be granted at the sole discretion of the University in accordance with these Discount Terms and Conditions and the Offer Letter.

b) The Discount is subject to compliance of the Student with these Discount Terms and Conditions, the Offer Letter and the Student Contract.

d) Discounts are for part of the Fees and do not cover any maintenance costs. No cash or other alternatives are available.

e) The Discount is offered for the Programme. If the Student chooses to study on another programme, the University cannot guarantee that the Student will receive it for that programme.

f) A Discount is available in addition to any scholarships available to the Student. However, the Discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

3. Changes to these Discount Terms and Conditions

The University reserves the right to revisit the scheme and consider to amend these Discount Terms and Conditions at any time without notice. Where the Student has already received a Discount from the University in an Offer Letter, the Student will not be asked to pay the amount deducted from the Fees.

4. Student Obligations and continuation of the Discount

The Student is required to:

a) accept these Discount Terms and Conditions within 14 days of receiving the Offer Letter which is issued by email. The Student will be asked to accept both the terms of the Offer Letter and these Discount Terms and Conditions at the same time;

b) accept and comply with all of the terms of the Student Contract;

c) pay all Fees when due to the University in accordance with the Student Contract;

d) meet any conditions set out in the Offer Letter (as appropriate). Please note in particular that if the Student does not meet or does not continue to meet any of these conditions, or if the Student does not provide the University with reasonable evidence that these conditions are met, the Discount may be withdrawn as set out in section 5 below; and

e) register on the Programme by the start date specified in the Offer Letter. Discounts may not be deferred to the following intake or academic year, unless the University expressly agree this in writing.

5. Withdrawal and Repayment Events

a) The Discount may be withdrawn by written notice sent to the Student if, in the opinion of the University acting in good faith, the Student has not complied with the obligations set out in these Discount Terms and Conditions, and/or any terms of the Student Contract and/or the Offer Letter.

Withdrawal of the Discount shall take effect from the date of the written notice, and the Student may be required to pay to the University the Discount amount so that the total paid by the Student is the full Fees specified in the Offer Letter.

b) Students will be required upon written notice to repay all or part of the Discount in any of the following circumstances (the list below is by a way of an example only and the University reserve the right to request payment of the full amount of the Discount in any other circumstances that amount to a breach of the Student’s obligations under section 4(a) above):

• if the Student is found to have misrepresented his/her entitlement to the Discount;

• if the Student is in breach of any obligations referred to in these Discount Terms and Conditions;

• if the Student is in material breach of the Student Contract;

• if the Student Contract is terminated for any reason.

For queries please contact

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