“When I was deciding on a university, I wanted to make sure that the decision I made was the right one for me. The University of Derby felt like a place where I could exceed and excel my expectations. Here’s my tips for making the most of your visit.” Usman Asif, BA (Hons) English

1. Plan your day and arrive early

"Give yourself plenty of time – by planning your day, you will most certainly have a stress-free schedule as you will know where you need to be and the times you are required to be there. There are plenty of us student ambassadors to help you find your way."

2. Go to a subject talk

"For me, the course was the most important aspect of choosing a university. The subject talk will introduce you to the academics and the modules, along with the ways that you will be assessed. Don’t hesitate to ask questions – remember there's no such thing as a silly question. But if you don’t want to ask them in front of everyone, see the academic at the end of the talk or later on when they are on the subject stand."

3. Take a campus tour

"As important as the course may be, equally important is the campus itself. It may, after all, be your ‘second home’ in your third year! So make sure you like what you see and be ready and willing to explore all areas and facilities of the University."

Two students smiling and talking at an open day.

4. Look around halls

"If you’re planning on leaving home then make sure you visit the accommodation as that will be your home for at least your first year at University."

5. Speak to current students about their experience

"Before we became student ambassadors, we went through the same process you are going through now. We can definitely relate to your concerns and worries, so ask us questions about our experiences and what life is like as a student."

Want to ask our student ambassadors a question about studying at Derby? You can now submit questions through The Access Platform (TAP).