Celebrating 10 years of delivering psychology degrees online

As a modern, forward thinking UK university, we are one of the leading institutions for BPS accredited online psychology degrees. Here at UDOL, we pride ourselves in delivering high quality, online learning opportunities for people around the world who require more flexible study options and we are committed to providing our students with first class education. 

Did you know we’ve been delivering psychology degree online for 10 years? To celebrate, we’ve introduced free student membership with the British Psychological Society (BPS). All students studying on one our core Psychology* programmes will receive full BPS student membership for the duration of their studies. 

Free student membership of the British Psychological Society (BPS)

The BPS is the UK professional body that promotes excellence and ethical practice in the science, education and practical applications of psychology. We’re one of the first Universities in the UK, as well as the only online provider of psychology undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, to offer our students free student membership with The British Psychological Society (BPS).  

Enrol onto one of our psychology courses* and enjoy the benefits of BPS student membership which include: 

  • Access to a wide range of specialist online journals in addition to our extensive e-library resources 
  • Fortnightly email digest of the latest research in psychology 
  • Monthly Magazine -The Psychologist, which is the official monthly magazine of the BPS 
  • Access to online and face to face events and conferences that relate to a wide range of psychology topics in areas such as counselling, military, cognitive, occupational, biological and health psychology   
  • The opportunity to contribute to publications and join committees that are relevant to key areas of psychology 
  • For UK students – an opportunity to join local branches of psychologists in your geographical area 

Find out more information about the BPS and BPS Student Membership >

How do I join the BPS Student Membership scheme? 

Once you have enrolled on one of our psychology programmes, we will contact you about the scheme and ask if you wish to take up the offer of free membership. Your details will only be provided to the British Psychological Society upon receipt of your confirmation. Your BPS student membership will then be activated by the BPS once your details have been registered. If you have any queries regarding your BPS membership, please contact the BPS directly on membership.enquiries@bps.org.uk 

*Please note that free BPS Student Membership is only available for students enrolling onto our BSc (Hons) Psychology, MSc Psychology, Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology and University Certificate Psychology courses. The Health Psychology MSc is not available in this offer.

Frequently asked questions

FREE BPS Student Membership for UDOL Psychology Students

We are pleased to be able to offer free BPS student membership to our online Psychology students for the duration of their studies. Eligible Psychology programmes are listed below:

  • BSc (Hons) Psychology
  • MSc / PG Dip Psychology
  • University Certificate Psychology

About BPS Student membership

Student membership of the British Psychological Society offers a number of benefits to undergraduates. Key benefits of membership include:

  • Access to the Society’s Student Members Pages
  • The Psychologist magazine every month, with the chance to write for ‘New Voices’ and win free membership
  • PsychTalk, a newsletter written by students
  • Exclusive discounts to books, journals and events
  • The chance to transfer to graduate membership free of charge after completing an undergraduate degree or conversion course
  • Recognition of belonging to a professional body, with the chance to join divisions and other groups
  • Access to a range of high street discounts and offers
  • Attendance to events and conferences

Details can be found on their web pages: www.bps.org.uk/student.

How long will the BPS student membership run for?

BPS student membership runs from January to December and is annually renewable each January. You will need to opt in to the BPS student membership annually to join the membership. Free BPS Student Membership is available to you whilst you are enrolled on an eligible programme.

Will I automatically be subscribed to the BPS Student membership?

No, once you are enrolled onto one of our eligible Psychology programmes and have paid the initial 40% instalment on your fees, you will be asked to opt in to the BPS Student membership scheme. You will not be automatically subscribed.

How will my data be used?

Once you have opted in to join the free BPS Student Membership, your details will be shared with the BPS for BPS membership purposes only. These details include:

  • Full name
  • Student ID no.
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Gender
  • Date of birth

What if I do not opt in at enrolment, will I be able to opt in at a later date?

There are three opportunities a year to opt into the BPS offer. You will be sent an invitation to opt in once enrolment has closed. You can however contact us at any point during the academic year to take up the offer and receive your free BPS membership at the next opt in point (usually the next enrolment period). Requests must be directed to onlinelearning@derby.ac.uk.

What if I decide that I don’t want to renew my subscription with the BPS?

If you do not wish to renew your free BPS Student Membership please contact the BPS directly when they contact you at the point of renewal.

Who is responsible for notifying the BPS of a change of address / circumstance?

You are responsible for notifying the BPS of any changes to your address, contact details or personal circumstances, please contact the BPS directly on membership.enquiries@bps.org.uk

Please note: You should also notify your Online Learning Advisor regarding a change of address/ circumstances so that your student records are accurately maintained.

What if I take a break from study or withdraw from my programme?

If you take a break from study or withdraw from your programme, your current years BPS student membership will remain until the following January where your membership will expire when renewals are due. If you enrol onto your course modules for the returning trimester you will be eligible to opt back in for your BPS student membership.

What if I have enrolled for the research project module?

If you have enrolled onto a research project, you are still eligible for free student BPS membership. You will receive an opt-in email once term has started.

What if I fail a module and I have to retake?

As long as you are enrolled and registered onto your course programme and have paid 40% of your fees for the next modules at time of renewals (January annually) then you are still eligible for BPS student membership.

Why aren’t students of the MSc Health Psychology eligible?

Students on the MSc Health Psychology are actually eligible for Graduate membership with the BPS and will need to apply for this directly. Find out more about graduate membership for students studying MSc Health Psychology. They will not be eligible for free BPS student membership through their studies with UDOL.

I have already joined the society, will UDOL pay the fees for my student membership fees?

UDOL will not reimburse any BPS membership fees that you have paid directly to the BPS. You can opt in to join the BPS student membership scheme via UDOL at the point of renewal and receive free BPS membership for the remainder of your studies.