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Perspectives of integrated care in relation to your own practice area

Perspectives of integrated care

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Having completed Section 1 and having started to examine the meaning of integrated care, this next section gives you the opportunity to apply the knowledge you have gained about integrated care to your own practice area via a series of activities.

Please watch the short (three-minute) video of Sam's Story, which relates to The King's Fund's (2013) vision of integrative care.

A short animation exploring different care scenarios for patient Sam.

View Joined-up care: Sam's story video transcript

Activity 1.1

Having watched the video, please make a note on the following questions in your journal: What do you think about Kathy, the District Nurse, being the co-ordinator of Sam's care plan? Do you think Kathy is the most appropriate person to be the co-ordinator? If so, why? If not, please explain why not. If Kathy was not the co-ordinator of the care plan, which professional should be the co-ordinator and why?


Although this video provides a fairly simplistic example of integrated care, it is nevertheless still useful for starting to think about how arrangements and systems can work when an individual's needs are complex and require the co-operation of a range of professionals.

The next activity requires you to have worked in an integrated team and gives you the opportunity, through reflection, to apply your practice knowledge and share work experiences with your peers.

Activity 1.2

Reflect on working in that integrated team. Did you feel differently about your professional role when you were with other professionals? If so, how did you feel differently and why?