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Concept mapping

This section of the unit requires you to position your sphere of practice in the context of integrated care.

You may find it helpful to present your practice as a concept map, which is a useful way of communicating your ideas and thoughts on a particular topic, in this instance integrative practice, via the use of visual representation. It is a tool which can help to develop your knowledge and evaluate information.

An example, and information about how to draw a concept map, can be found on the Community Health Nurses Association of Canada website. This web link will take you to the homepage. You will then need to type the words 'Concept mapping' into the search box, which will take you to a list of articles on page 1. Choose Slide 1 at the top of page 1 to access a PowerPoint produced by Loewen and Lind (2016) entitled Concept mapping: a critical thinking exercise in community health nursing education. This PowerPoint offers a good starting point for knowing how to construct a concept map.

Activity 1.3

Please put your concept map in your journal. It is advisable to create a Word document for your concept map, which you can then save as an image and copy into your journal.