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Adebanke aspires to be the best in her field

With aspirations to be the best in her field, Adebanke Odeniyi decided to study a Big Data Analytics MSc online at Derby. With the skills she has gained, she is not only helping her current company make profitable business decisions, she is also progressing her career in data management and giving back to her local community.

Learning new skills

After working for almost ten years teaching database management in the computer industry, Adebanke decided she wanted to improve her skills and knowledge in data management. She says, “I wanted to level up my career and, by studying the Big Data Analytics MSc at Derby, the course is helping me to do that.

“My goal is to be the top in my chosen field, data management. I want to improve my skills and know that what I am using at work is current best practice and I want to apply what I have learned from my ongoing course into my future roles. I aspire to be one of the best in the field of data management and I’d love to work somewhere that has a lot of data so I can derive intelligence from it.”

Driving profits through data

Adebanke currently works as a Technical Administrator for a food manufacturing company and uses big data to improve the customer experience and identify areas where operations can be improved. She explains, “I use data to help to improve the customer experience and to help exceed their expectations. By measuring customer complaints, I identify areas where the business can improve. This could mean additional training, changing processes, machines and products.

“I am strongly passionate about working with data for analysis, creating virtual dashboards and drawing conclusions that help my organisation in making profitable decisions.”

Giving back to her local community

Not only is Adebanke using her skills to improve her career but she is also helping her local community. She says, “I support my local community by working as a volunteer at my local library teaching people of various ages and backgrounds how to use the computer. I teach elderly people how to create emails, send emails, how to download pictures that are sent from their children and how to use printers.

“I help college students as well, helping them with schooling and completing assignments. I also help at the Sunday school at my local church. I give back to the community wherever I can.”

Adebanke Odeniyi sat smiling

I’m very passionate about sharing my knowledge and helping others. Seeing people make their lives better makes me happy. Acts of kindness do not cost me anything and, if I see someone in need of information, I share my knowledge with them.

Adebanke Odeniyi
Big Data Analytics MSc

Helping her progress in her career

Studying online at Derby has allowed Adebanke to continue to work full-time. She says, “UDOL [University of Derby Online Learning] has provided me with the much-desired opportunity and flexibility to combine full-time employment with my educational development."

The support of her tutors was something that Adebanke knew she could always rely on. “Every time I have a question the tutors respond immediately. I wouldn’t say I expected that, I thought I would have to wait longer but their responses are really fast. As well as that, the lecturers are incredibly supportive in providing useful study materials, access to relevant data visualisation software.

“My UDOL experience has been an eye-opener to the world of information visualisation and business analytics. I have learned and improved my skills in critical thinking, data analysis and researching which are all applicable in my current role as a Technical Administrator.”

Looking to the future

Adebanke is already using her new skills in her current role. When looking to the future, she says, “I am seeking opportunities where I can apply my newly acquired data analysis skills in Tableau and SAS. I aspire to build on my competencies and further develop myself as a professional in the field of information technology as a Business Intelligence Expert.”

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