Making Gains: Episode Eight

In the eighth episode of 'Making Gains with Radzi', Radzi Chinyanganya speaks with Martin Tye, the 2018 World's Strongest Disabled Man. Maritn explains how he seat-deadlifted 550kg, his training programme, and his incredible journey from being in the military to where he is now.

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If people can recognise who I am and pay interest, I'm sure there's a whole heap of people who would love to see a disabled side to the sport. It's not just for the world records, it's to raise the profile and get it just as big as the able-bodied sport.

Martin Tye
2018 World's Strongest Disabled Man

Episode Eight: Martin Tye

Radzi interviews Martin Tye about how he lost his ability to walk after a suicide bomber drove into his vehicle whilst he served in the military, what his final goals are, and much more. Watch now.

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