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Making Gains Podcast Series

What does it take to excel? What are the levels of commitment, and even obsession, required to get to the very top of our chosen career or sport?

TV presenter Radzi Chinyanganya will be looking at precisely those questions in a new series of podcasts produced in partnership with the University of Derby.

‘Making Gains’ will explore the pursuit of excellence, and what it takes to achieve it through interviews with people who have reached it.

Building on his own fascination with human beings who are totally dedicated, committed and obsessed in an endeavour, Radzi will aim to get to the heart of exactly what makes them tick.

He will also get expert insight from the University’s academic team during the series.

In the below video Radzi tells us how the podcast came about and what you can look forward to listening to.

Radzi Chinyanganya smiling at the camera with a brightly coloured background.

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Radzi Chinyanganya smiling at the camera leaning against a wall

I want to find out how these people do what they do, how other people can do exactly the same thing, to learn from them and possibly have transferable skills that we can adopt into our lives as well

Radzi Chinyanganya
TV Presenter


This fascinating series, running throughout 2021, will be available to watch on YouTube, where you can subscribe to the series.