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Tackling global issues in the heart of England

PhD student and University teaching assistant, Simon Peter Nadeem, says the supportive environment at Derby has helped him further his research.

We’re all trying to do our bit for the environment, recycling where we can and putting pressure on supermarkets to ditch single use plastic, yet there’s a whole lot more waste being generated by the world’s industries.  

Thankfully, researchers like our very own PhD student Simon Peter Nadeem, are doing their bit to reduce waste in industry, by trying to understand how resources can be used more efficiently to reduce impact on the environment.

Of his research, he says: “I want to help solve the issues of resource scarcity and the damage to the environment that is facing us now and for future generations.”

Over 37.9 million tonnes of commercial and industrial waste was produced in England alone in 2017 and while recycling rates are slowly improving, Simon believes the circular economy and lean manufacturing will contribute to significant improvements in waste reduction worldwide.

A global issue

Simon, originally from Pakistan, joined the Centre for Supply Chain Improvement after teaching business management, logistics and supply chain courses at the American University of Central Asia, proving that supply chain improvement is a hot topic across the world.

Having studied across the globe, he has chosen to study at Derby because “it is a lovely city, with the beautiful Peak District on one side and a rich industrial heritage on the other, thanks to companies such as Rolls Royce, Bombardier and many more.

“It’s a great city to live in and while it’s on the small side for a city, there is enough going on to bring people together from many nations.” 


Portrait of Peter Nadeem

A supportive environment

Simon believes Derby’s supportive environment makes for an ideal research environment.

“I’m able to focus on my research, as well as balance my work as a teaching assistant and family life, thanks to the supportive atmosphere the University of Derby has created for its research students. My supervisor, Professor Jose Arturo Garza-Reyes, inspires me and encourages me as a growing researcher.

“I enjoy my research work here and believe Derby has the potential to nurture more budding researchers. In few years’ time, we’ll see Derby’s research impact becoming more noticeable.”