Culture Shock

Many international students will feel homesick and will experience some of the symptoms of "culture shock". Culture shock describes the impact of moving from a familiar culture to one which is unfamiliar. It includes adapting to a new climate and environment, meeting lots of new people and learning the values and ways of a different country. It also includes the experience of being separated from the important people in your life.

You may feel tired, emotional, unable to concentrate, anxious and possibly resentful of the new culture. All these symptoms are quite natural and usually pass after a time.

It is important that you talk to others about the experience of culture shock, to speak in your mother-tongue sometimes, find sources of familiar food and activities and get involved with university life.

To find out about culture shock before you arrive in UK see

We have a dedicated International Student Welfare Advisor to help with anything you encounter whilst you are here. 

If you are having difficulty adapting to living here in any way please talk to our International Student Advisor, you can contact them by email at and they will tell you more about the support services at Derby that can help you.