What to bring with you

If you are moving to the UK from another country, you will probably have lots of questions about what you need to bring with you from home. We have put together the list below to help you remember what to make sure you pack as well as what you don't need or can't bring with you.

A photo of international student Mia Katola

When I first arrived, I was surprised to find the starter pack set of cutlery, bedding for my bed and more that University provided. I was very grateful for these. Getting around the city was quite easy, the University buses helped me to not get lost!

Mia Katola
On her arrival

What to bring

Documents and paperwork

A photo of international student Simona Velcovska

A UK adapter plug, pictures of your friends or family so they are always with you, also it is good to bring a blanket and small pillow for the first nights. And don't forget all the important documents that you will need when you are enrolling or moving in.

Simona Velcovska
On what to bring

Study materials

A photo of international student Bowen Shang

Derby has just right amount of rainy and sunny days. Considering the wind that accompanies the rain, I suggest buying either a very strong umbrella, or get yourself a raincoat or waterproof jacket. The sunny days in the UK have the most beautiful blue sky!

Bowen Shang
On the weather

Personal items

A photo of international student Mohika Shankar

Kitchenware, bedroom and bathroom essentials are easily available in stores so you'll only need a towel and some toiletries (toothbrush, paste, etc.) Most importantly, don't forget to bring cash with you as it is of great help before opening your bank account.

Mohika Shankar
On what to bring

What not to bring

There are strict rules about what you can bring into the UK, especially with regards to food. You should make sure that you check these before you come and declare any items you need to.

The penalties could be they take the items away and you have severe delays or possibly have criminal charges. Find out more at gov.uk.

Moving in checklist

Download our moving in checklist to help you pack for university.

Student laughing at the international student welcome week
Two students walking in the Catherdral Quater
Group of students smiling at international welcome week

The Welcome Week helped me a lot when meeting new people and made me feel comfortable before starting the semester. I think it is a must and no international student should miss it.

Ioannis-Thomas Dimakopoulos
Business Management BA (Hons)
Nigerian student Mercy O. Okorie

A home away from home

From the big cities in Nigeria to the community spirit of Derby. Find out how Mercy learned to navigate her new home, and how she's learning how to 'Be the Boss' through one of our initiatives.

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