Virtual Open Day: Agard Court tour video transcript

Tamzin will be your guide today. 

Tamzin: Hey, let me show you one of the accommodation options here at Derby.

(Security is very important to our accommodation)

These halls are a two minute walk from the city centre, meaning it's really easy to get to and from the university. Follow me.

Derby provides all of the basics for your room. The bed, the storage, the desk, then you can personalise your space how you want to. There's everything that you need in the room, there's the en suite which has the toilet and a shower.

There's a place to sleep, and a place to study.

We even have cleaners on site which are included in the cost.

(In most halls, cleaners come in once a week to clean the communal areas.)

So this is the kitchen space, it has everything that you could need. There's a fridge freezer, there's a toaster, the cooker, the kettle and a microwave. And there's always a space to eat too, which is really great.

Come on, we'll show you the laundry area.

So this is our main social space. There's always something going on in here if you don't feel like venturing out of the block, there's loads to do in the building.

So, that's everything to show you. A few of us are gonna go and get some food now if you want to join us.

Virtual Open Day: Agard Court tour video

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