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Dean Jackson is the founder and owner of Derby sportswear firm HUUB. He grew HUUB from the spark of an idea about using technology and research in clothing design to enhance performance. We talk about his journey and the importance of agility in the modern business world. Listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or Podbean.

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I have this visual in my head of I’m a little speed boat being as annoying as hell in a port of oil tankers. And I’ll zip around and I’ll move around really quickly. And these tankers take so long to move that the tide’s changed by the time they've moved.

Dean Jackson
HUUB founder on our Inspired Business podcast

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Who is Dean Jackson?

HUUB founder and owner Dean Jackson created the company in 2011 as a new sporting brand which utilised technology and research in the design of its clothing and accessories to deliver performance enhancing products. The initial focus was on wetsuits which are now sported by some of the world’s top triathletes, including Olympians Alistair and Jonny Brownlee.

This phenomenal success among elite and non-professional triathletes alike resulted in HUUB securing a 30% share of the UK wetsuit market in just five years and the company having a presence in 20 other countries. Their products have won best tri wetsuit brand of the year from 2013-2018, in addition to multiple best tri suit brand awards.

HUUB founder Dean Jackson in his office


Our podcast interviews were recorded before the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in the UK. Following the outbreak, we asked our interviewees how the situation had affected them and their business. This is what Dean told us:

"We are learning every day how to adapt. We are not sitting on our hands. We are still trading. We are managing the business, trying to ensure we are ready to go when things get moving again. Paying staff is our priority and we are trying to look after suppliers as much as we can.

"And we have decided to do something positive. We’ve created our Better In Than Out cycling jersey and t-shirt and all profits are going to the NHS Charities Together. We wanted to do something, not for profit or glory, but just do something. Something positive. They need donations and the message really needs to be cemented: stay in, train sensibly, only do the essential shopping, look after others, and only go out for exercise and essential work."

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