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Inspired Business is the business podcast series from the University of Derby. We bring you engaging and inspiring stories from across the business landscape in Derby, Derbyshire and beyond.  

In this series, we talk to a selection of guests to explore their business journey. We discuss the issues affecting your business, and provide key insights from our guests for you to take away. We give you the opportunity to learn something new.  

Across the series, we cover topics such as leadership, the environment, big data, performance sport and more. We find out what it's like to start up a business, to grow a business - and what it's like to start again.  

Jon Eno

The people who go on to make a difference in society, and community, and business, are those that have got something different about them, those that have got a passion or a belief in something other than just being good at everything.

Jon Eno
Hot House Music Schools CEO on our Inspired Business Podcast


Whether you’re working from home, on your lunch break, or taking your daily exercise, join us on our journey and let us – and our guests – inspire you and your business.

We launch our Inspired Business podcast series on Tuesday, 5 May. You can subscribe to Inspired Business on Spotify, Apple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts or Podbean. You can listen to our trailer now. If you like what you hear, please leave us a review on iTunes. This will help other people discover our podcasts.

Our presenters

Our Inspired Business podcast is presented by Toby Bradford and Angela Tooley. Toby interviews our guests and Angela provides the key business insights.

Toby has 25 years of journalistic experience in the regional and digital press. Angela has vast experience in many different types of business. She has worked with great success for commercial giants Rolls-Royce and PwC and is now our Business Engagement Manager. She currently leads on the development and delivery of Derby Business School’s Enterprise portfolio.

Derby Business School has recently been awarded the Small Business Charter in recognition of its support to small businesses and the Derbyshire business community. 

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Our entire first season of Inspired Business was recorded before the coronavirus outbreak in the UK.

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