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507 This provides some general information about the prescribing CPD site.

What is this network for?

This is an informal collaboration between employing organisations within the Derbyshire region and the University of Derby that aims to improve the educational opportunities for practitioners who are prescribers. The focus is on continuing professional development with the aim of informing and improving practice.

How do I qualify to become a member of this network?

​Although parts of this website are open to the public, we are sharing teaching materials with practitioners in good faith that as professionals they will not use them for purposes other than their own professional update. Practicing professionals can gain access to the materials by registering with us to enrol on an "Open Eduation Blackboard" course. To join the network, attend events and gain access to materials and resources, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a registered practitioner with either the HCPC, GPhC or the NMC
  • Be qualified as an Independent / Supplementary of Community Practitioner Nurse Prescriber
    • OR a current student on a recognised Non-medical prescribing programme
  • Be employed by one of the organisations within the Derbyshire region

Who do I contact about joining this network?

For queries, contact us at:

Which employers can use this network?

Although not all employers within the region are aware of this resource, it is open to any prescriber employed within the Derbyshire area. 

Which sessions can I book on?

We aim to be flexible so practitioners are able to attend as many ​sessions as possible.

Topic themes are repeated so can be booked on a suitable date and location. The venues are normally Royal Derby Hospital or the University of Derby Chesterfield campus or Kedleston Road campus.

Where can I find the materials and resources from the CPD sessions? 

We provide access to the taught materials thorugh an "Open Education" Blackboard course. All prescriber practitioners within the Derbyshire area are able to enrol onto this free course. Materials are available whether you have been able to attend the session or not, to allow for some updates to be undertaken as non-participatory.