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What our students say

Gemma Sudale We get opportunities to do a lot of placements on a Thursday and Friday. I do a placement at a local school, in a nursery and in Key Stage 1. For my future career I’d like to go onto a PGCE to become a primary school teacher.

Milly Kellyman, current student

"I have really enjoyed the course so far; I am in my second year and feel like I have been given many opportunities to develop my personal and professional practice."

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BA (Hons) Child and Youth Studies 

Ryan Jordan, current student

"The course has been extremely helpful and all of the staff are friendly; they dedicate themselves to helping every student achieve their goals and aspirations."

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BA (Hons) Child and Youth Studies 

Bobbie Jones, current student

"The lecturers are a lovely, caring team that not only act as tutors but someone to talk to about every day problems. They challenge you to think in different ways and provide support whenever it is needed."

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BA (Hons) Child and Youth Studies

Katie Wells

"I have found my experience at university life changing. There are lots of opportunities to network and meet new people, the timetables are flexible and the opening times of the library wrap around my working hours. The course has enabled me to reflect on myself and my job and has made me feel more confident about my approach to working with children and families. The tutors offer endless support over the phone, via email and tutorials, and they are always encouraging and motivating."

FdA Children's and Young People's Services

Lisa Snell, graduate

"As a Childcare and Curriculum Manager, my role is all about empowering staff and overseeing quality in the group, and I believe my EYPS has been a vital contribution to this. I achieved the status on the validation pathway in 2007. I had already studied for a foundation degree and gained a BA in Early Childhood Studies here at Derby, I feel the EYPS has enriched my underpinning knowledge of practice. I am currently undertaking the MA Education on the Early Years pathway which is still engaging me with even more knowledge and theory, more related to research of a particular topic or project. It has given me even more aspirations with the desire to reflect and improve at the forefront of my practice."

PG Cert Early Years with Early Years Teacher Status (0-5).

Rizwan Ahmed, graduate

"The best three years of my life. This course has made me realise how passionate I am to work with children."

BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies

Mandy Eggington, graduate

"I loved the courses. They were hard work, but fantastic. I worked out the units of study so that I only had to come to uni twice a week. This meant that every week, I worked 30 hours at the hospital, came to uni twice and did a voluntary day in a school!

I also have a husband and daughter to add into the equation. A bit exhausting, but when you strive to do something, it's surprising what you can do. There were times during the courses when I could easily have 'thrown in the towel, but family and friends gave support and encouragement to see me through.

I initially did some supply teaching in Key Stages 1 and 2, which gave me great experience and my confidence grew. I'm at an inner city school in Nottingham, which has its challenging moments - but the children are great. I'm really enjoying teaching.

From September, I'll have a permanent full time job as a class teacher at Nottingham Girls' High School. No doubt the challenges will be different from then onwards. I can't wait! I just wish I'd had the confidence to have a go at a degree years ago."

BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies

Laura Gill, graduate

"I have really enjoyed my time on this course, and the tutors are very helpful and always available for support when you need them."

BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies