Real World - Live Student Briefs

Why not engage with the University of Derby, students, and staff with a real world live brief? 

You will need to consider the challenges your organisation is facing that have not yet been solved.  Consider what sort of information and research might be necessary that students could present to support this challenge.  This idea would be first negotiated with the appropriate senior lecturer at Derby.  Then, once agreed upon, will be disseminated as part of the student summative assessment.

Your responsibility:

Provide a 15 to a 20-minute overview of your company and the real-world problem you are endeavouring to overcome.  Potentially, be available to sit on a panel for student presentations.

Benefits of a live brief:

  1. Develop your own staff with this opportunity. Guest lectures are also a possibility
  2. A chance to showcase your company and why it would be a great place to start a career
  3. Engage up to 140 students as potential future employees
  4. Gain new insights into the real-world challenges you are currently facing
  5. Record as CSR contribution.
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